Fall 2019 Update


gold recognition

gold recognition

the flashback & recognition are back in all new colors! yuki recently placed 3rd at this year’s world yo-yo contest with flashback, and we felt as though the flashback could use a re-run while we try to figure out something new for yuki. colin has had a quiet year on stage, but has been working behind the scenes with both unprld & scales and he’ll be returning to the competition scene this fall. with that being said, more recognitions were a no-brainer as the first run is nearly sold out online. thank you all for your support on our products, you not only support our team but also motivate us to keep going and to create new things. check out a preview of colin’s favorite recognition color here, and pay attention to our instagram this week to find out when gold recog will be releasing.


antidote, our collaboration with top-yo

antidote, our collaboration with top-yo

the antidote is something that we’ve been quietly working on throughout the whole year with top-yo. unprld’s mission has always been to provide high quality product at a low price point, and the opportunity to release a plastic yo-yo really fulfills this goal. blue antidote had a small pre-release at the world yo-yo contest through yoyoexpert and has been sold at rewind, and the full production run with 6 colors is truly coming soon. stay tuned, and click on the photo to read tyler’s full comments on the antidote!


our latest addition to the team is yanbo xu. hailing from china, yanbo initially caught the team's eye in 2018 through his consistent posts on instagram showcasing his extremely unique tricks. earlier this summer, team member shuyun began to promote yanbo's tricks through his platform on original throw, and we instantly knew that his presence was needed on the team. check out his video, and be on the lookout for a new usa player announcement coming soon.


shuyun has had a very impressive summer, with some of his accomplishments being winning the jn international open division as well as placing 8th at worlds. he just dropped a new video with a new trickset and you should really check it out! he’s using the flashback, be on the lookout a signature edition for him coming soon.


we took some time over the past few weeks to flesh out our descriptions for our releases over time (almost complete on this, go to products to see what’s been released & to find out details about each yo-yo), update team bios, and also update our ‘examination’ (formerly known as quiz) to reflect our current lineup of yo-yos. if you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s a simple questionnaire that asks you 3 easy questions about your yo-yo preferences and provides you with what yo-yo suits you best. try it out here! also, we’re hoping to get more blog posts going again… feel free to send us ideas by hitting us up through our new contact page, or contacting us on social media!

Tyler Hsieh