Why Reduction?

Our next yo-yo releasing is the all new Reduction. This yo-yo is extremely different from the rest of the products that have come out of UNPRLD.


(photo above by Scales Collective)

Read this short description behind the idea of it from designer & owner Tyler Hsieh.

“I took a different approach to making the Reduction. The idea of this yoyo came to me when I was asked to make something less optimized for competition and more optimized for making tricks. This involved a yoyo that was rounder, better for rejections and tech, and also light enough to not be taxing on the body. In creating this, we had decided that a less dense material would be better. Therefore, the first UNPRLD 6061 aluminum was created. Sporting the smallest and roundest UNPRLD shape yet, this yoyo targets the less competitive and more creative player to expand their trick vocabulary, and it’s limit is only capped by the player.”

Reduction drops 2/1 at unprld.com for $45 - will you get one? 

Tyler Hsieh