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The UNPRLD Disruption started off as a concept piece. I was eating dinner with Zack Lin one day, and he suggested I make a titanium axle, aluminum body, and stainless rim Corruption. I decided to give it a shot.

The yoyo originally was only supposed to be a small run, with the Ti(tanium)S(tainless)s(teel)A(luminum) yoyo being limited to 10.

Initial attempts to bring this to a full scale run were met with manufacturing defects and shipping issues. However, after adjusting the axle to stainless steel, the wait is finally over.


Diameter - 55mm

Width - 44mm

Weight - 63g

This small run of 100 will determine if this yoyo is worth pursuing a full run later.

Seafoam Green is player Daniel Kim’s signature yoyo.