Weighing in at 66.5 grams, this yoyo has a light touch, allowing for movement, but also has significant rim weight, to allow for extreme stability and spin time.
Modeled for Eric Tranton's needs, this yoyo has multiple cuts on the profile, allowing for very good control from all angles.
Weight rings are fitted on the inside, to allow for more durability upon impact. In addition, an IRG cut is made to allow for more concentrated rim weight on the edge, and to allow for IRG.
The cup is a "back to the future" type, with the outer cup area designed to match the profile, but the nipple is made, similarly to the early yoyojam shape.
The color is a dark to light fade from the inside to the outside, and is one of the most beautiful anodizations I have ever had done on a yoyo. The yoyo is then lightly blasted for a smooth finish that minimizes spin loss when the yoyo comes into contact with your skin.
This yoyo will not only cater to 1A, but also to 3A and 5A, as the weight distribution makes the yoyo play solid enough for 3A, and nimble enough for 5A.
They will come engraved with the Unparalleled logo, designed by Elliot Ogawa on our team.

Designer Comments:

This yoyo was a huge pain to make.  Eric has very picky yoyo tastes that have never been satisfied before.  His hands are huge, making any yoyo seem small.  

Analyzing his 2013 World Yoyo Contest freestyle, where he placed 4th, you can see that his movements are intricate and precise.  A yoyo that would match his hand would not match his playstyle, as it would lack finesse.  Therefore, something drastic would have to happen.

The first prototype was too light, and not enough spin on the yoyo.  Eric had described to me,

"This yoyo is good, but it just feels like it's going to blow away."

Our revisal was to break down the yoyo into "zones," as shown in the cuts, in order to fine tune every gram of weight on the yoyo for distribution.  We ended up overshooting the weight distribution by adding a ring that was too heavy, causing in vibe.

Finally, we decided to approach it with an old school style, by adding a lip on the ring itself.  By doing so, we were able to concentrate the weight on the very edge of the rim, adding density, but removing weight overall, creating mobility.  The result is the Ignition as you know it today - full of cuts and a powerhouse.