This is our first time issuing a second signature for a player. How do you improve a near perfect product? After failing three prototypes, we flew him over to the US to test.

We first started by addressing an issue regarding nimbleness. The flash is already a very powerful and nimble yoyo, but we thought that we could increase the effectiveness. To do this, we changed the material from 6061 Aluminium to 7075 Aluminum. We removed about 40% of the wall’s thickness, and redistributed that towards the rim.

Finally, the rim is more friendly than before. With a rounder, heavier rim, no sacrifice is made for speed, and every return to the hand more comfortable than before.

Yuki’s first competition using production run Flashback was the 2018 World Yo-Yo Competition, in which he earned 3rd place in the 1A Finals.

Yuki Nishisako only needs the Flashback. What more could you need?