The Flash is Yuuki Nishisako’s signature yoyo. Designed for stability, speed, control and precision.

The bump at the bottom is created for maximum control for sideways play. The flare at the end gives it a wide catch zone without accidents, and the weight is distributed towards the outer end and the center to create a powerful spin without feeling heavy; making it perfect for high speed technical play.

Let this yoyo take you to your peak performance.

Designer comments:

Yuki Nishisako was the first person I scouted for Axis.  I was introduced to him by Yoshihiro Matsubara of Japan Looping Solutions as the next upcoming player.  What did he know about 1A?  He was a 2A only person from the THP days.  Boy was he right.  He placed 4th in 2015 at West Japan, with blazing speed never seen before on a Yoyofactory Shutter.  His freestyle later that year, at 44Festival West, was near perfect.  After watching more videos, I completely agreed.

He decided to use the Pulsefire for 44Festival Finals, where I met him for the first time.  His tricks seemed not as fast, but he did feel safer.  He told me,

"Yeah, it's heavier so I can't go faster, but it does make me feel safer on stage when I'm nervous."

How much do we value safety on stage?  Mickey designed the Anglam a bit heavier to have security on stage as well.

When UNPRLD was born, I decided he was the first one to receive a signature.   Starting from scratch, we made a yoyo that was both lighter and more secure than any of his previous competition yoyos.  By adding a chamfer by the wall, the amount of surface area the string would contact the yoyo was minimized, allowing for less tilt and sleep loss during horizontal play.  Although the rings are smaller, they are very thick and concentrated, creating depth that makes the yoyo spin longer than it feels like it would.

Yuki, after being sponsored for UNPRLD for a bit over a year, placed 5th at the World Yoyo Contest using Flash.