UNPRLD Exhibition



UNPRLD will be hosting an exhibition, of 2 minute freestyles. Entry is 20 Dollars, open to any styles.  The 20 dollars is to cover the cost of the venue space.  Costs that exceed the venue space will be awarded to the winner of the Exhibition.  2nd and 3rd place will receive a yoyo.  

The goal of this exhibition is not to find winners or losers, but rather for freestyle development and criticism. A nationals finals judge candidate will be there to assess the freestyle and give feedback. Raw clicks and evals will be released privately to competitors for review.


Yuki Nishisako

Colin Beckford

REGISTRATION LINK:  https://goo.gl/forms/a8a3qw3gwbtwSRa72


email music to: unprldex@gmail.com


Stay tuned for the next contest!





UNPRLD Exhibition will be held in Murray Hill, at the Lucid Body House.  This prime location allows for easy access, only one stop away from Grand Central Station, and a short walk away from Korea Town.





Currently Registered Contestants

  • Hugh Harrison
  • Dillon Barosky
  • Matthew Drehobl
  • Issei Suzuki
  • Abel Feher
  • Jonah Koen
  • Elias Smith
  • Sean De Los Santos
  • Andrew Giventer-Braff
  • Remy Baskin
  • Mark Mangarin
  • Zafran Za’ba
  • Andrew Bergen

Those bolded have already paid their registration fees.