What started off as a proof of concept for another yoyo, ended up being a new yoyo altogether. I had found while making the first flashback, that weight in the center of the rim was not that crucial. By isolating the distribution into two key areas, we were able to create a extremely stable yoyo that allows for speedy play.
To make this happen, we teamed up with Top-Yo, and what we created was amazing.


Designer comments:

This yoyo was one that was so fun to design.  In the process of making the Flashback, I stumbled across the idea of dividing the rim into two segments, each for their own purpose.  I found that by manipulating the innermost ring, I could manipulate the sense of stability on the yoyo, and by manipulating the outermost ring, I could manipulate the amount of power in the yoyo.  

The yoyo was purposely designed with a more squre edge on the rim, in order to be more aerodynamic.  This makes the yoyo perfect for people who wear gloves, play 5A, or play fast.  The yoyo, although on the larger side, is shaped to allow minimal string contact, to prevent sleep loss.