Top 10 Must Watch Freestyles from 2018JN

These are my picks for the top 10 must watch freestyles outside of the winning freestyles in each division.

10. Mizuki Takimoto

Reason:  Clean freestyle, has one of the highest levels of control in the game

9.  Akiba Hirotaka 1A Finals

Reason:  Chopsticks gorilla is always amazing to watch

8.  Yuki Uchida 4A Finals

Reason: Great freestyle construction, very close to exemplary

7.  Daiki Tanaka 1A Finals

Reason:  One of the higest levels of amplitude in the game

6.  Koji Yokoyama Demonstration

Reason: Koji Yokoyama is the reason

5.  Koyo Hashimoto 4A Semi Finals

Reason:  1.5 minutes of perfect 4A 

4.   Ryuichi Nakamura 1A Finals

Reason:  High level of consistency at a high density level

3.  Takumi Hakamata 4A Finals

Reason:  Riskiest tricks in the game with a high level of success

2.  Yuki Nishisako 1A Semi Finals

Reason:  1.5 minutes of perfect yoyoing at a high risk level.

1.  Arata Imai 1A Finals

Reason:  The most unique 1A at the contest, with little mistakes.

Tyler Hsieh