Despite its high-end body made fully of 7075 aluminum, the Abduction is surprisingly affordable, clocking in for less than monometal throws made of lesser materials! The design is based on the super popular bimetal Ignition. The concept is similar to the Corruption, but it has a heavy playfeel with an emphasis on power, so it feels like a very different beast in the hand. The great power means you don't have to try hard to get the right amount of spin, and even if you overdo it, Abduction's stability will keep it rolling steady and true through your wildest combos


Designer comments:

Elliot was the one who inspired me to start UNPRLD, randomly in a group video call.  When he approached me with personalizing the ignition, I was more than happy to oblige.  

We increased the size the yoyo slightly, and removed the rims from the yoyo.  To address some durability issues that Elliot had with the Ignition, we changed the material from 6061 to 7075.  This allowed us to use a shorter axle, from 14mm to 10mm, and maintain durability.  

This yoyo, although heavier on paper than the Ignition, plays lighter than it's bimetal counterpart, and does not compromise much in stability as well.  Elliot, being equally gifted in 1A and 3A, just as Eric is, requires different aspects of the yoyo to be tuned differently.  Elliot requires something lighter, and more maneuverable compared to Eric.  This yoyo ended up becoming his dream come true.